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To me, photography is about people being real and then painting a picture of that moment to remember it forever. The story that matters most portray real people, real stories, and real moments.

Denise Crites Photography is based out of Dayton, NV and  is  passionate about freezing time by capturing images,  as well as dedicated to achieving your family’s specific moments, just by shutter click by shutter click.


I specialize in Maternity/Newborn Photography, Wedding Photography, Portrait Photography, Children, and Senior Portraits. I offer sessions in my large studio located in Dayton NV and on location. From the shores or Lake Tahoe to the to nooks and crannies in the high desert in Northern NV and beyond.  From the first interview for your Wedding Consultation to the big day and beyond, Denise Crites Photography promises you images you will treasure forever!

Everyone is unique

Everyone is unique, but my experience speaks for my credibility. Photography requires an outgoing, stable-minded personality and the ability to connect with different people. At Denise Crites Photography, my core value is customer based.

Heartfelt Compliments

At Denise Crites Photography Reno NV, I believe there is no reason why a new mother can’t have professional image of her newborn baby. I believe it is a success story when you finish a family session when mom and looks at dad and says, ” we have found our new family photographer!” One of the heartfelt compliments is never getting tired from hearing from my clients about how please they are with their images and how how comfortable they felt  working with Denise Crites Photography in Dayton NV.

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Let’s Make Something Great!

Photography is not a fly by night

Denise Crites Photography first opened her doors in 2014 in Savannah, TN and now offers sessions in her new 2800 square foot studio located in Dayton NV as well as on location sessions.   Denise loves to have a camera in her hands and sees her photography through a uniqueness that only comes from natural ability and experience. Denise feels alive with the way she see things through the eye of her camera. Her ideal client is anyone who shares the importance of capturing professional images. In the age of smartphones and such, people don’t want to spend their money for quality photography. She thinks the value of quality photography has diminished because of smartphones. She personally intends to change and erase that erroneous mentality in people’s mind as much as possible!. Hence, there is no reason why a new mother and father cannot have a professional image of their newborn baby and not just cell phone pictures!.